LG V10 Is So Polished…

And? V20 is here and I am yet to see the device but seen V10. That phone is so polished. The designers spent so much time making it what it is. You can see it. I guess  the opposite be Kyocera. 

Some Kyocera devices are so bad looking one may wonder. They probably were designed for the Proletariat. The Russians did have a strong sense of design during Soviet era. Cars, trucks, planes, buildings and after a while one would wonder… They made them ugly on purpose. It takes a while to get it but one day you find out their world is made around the idea of making the Proletariat comfortable and at home. Get it? Proletariat are rough, ugly, out of shape, unintelligent and the list never ends. Everything is made so they feel better. Quality too. Everything breaks down and sucks which is so fitting for poor and unhappy to be at home. And Kyocera devices are unbreakable. They are fantastic. Perfect for kids in America as first phone. Just like Proletariat they need to be at home and good luck breaking a Kyocera. Guess what! They come waterproof too. Good luck with THAT too. It will still work in the morning. 

LG V20 be the opposite. I guess sublime is the word as stupid Smartphones go. IPhone ain’t sublime in design. None of the Samsung big shots are. LG V10 was and I bet V20 is even better. We shall see. 

I am also amused how LG has survived American market. American businessmen are not human. They were bred by Satan before they qualified as businessmen and if did terrible terrible things they also were acknowledged as Americans too. Otherwise they don’t exist. 

The pursuit of success which has brought everyone as key persons at Apple Corporation together (that is why they are there doing what they I was told once by Apple friends in response to why be so terrible and horrible people in making their products. There is nothing nice or even human about Apple products. They are made so the key persons there gain success they seek…) And many a great companies died not because they were not worthy but because Apple needed to gain it’s success? 

Palm? Blackberry? Nokia? HTC? The lost goes on and on. Samsung did well buy Samsung was involved in US Government projects same time Apple was and cannot touch partners of the Government or they burn you but finally is an election year and same way we were told many terrible things will coincide with electoral needs of the Candidates and watch for them like attacks, disasters, economic collapses and list can never end in this election year Samsung got bitten too. One of its phones explodes! Fascinating. From Blackberry servers and messenger failing exactly when new iPhone would appear for several days to exploding Smartphones! You have come a long way baby as the commercial says to iPhone and how it earned it’s success through ages. But!!!! LG survived this evil manifestation of disciples of Satan we know as iPhone and the many needs it has to succeed unlike the rest. Just amazing how dark arts can bring success to business. Annual sacrifices which used to be persons pleasing the Master for favors in life and business have reached the level of entire companies must be put to death so the Master will grant us at Apple Corporation favor with our product which brings us never ending success. 

LG has survived well. Chinese are nasty people when comes to business. Besides their doctrine of domination they demanded US government do no business with India (lots and lots of them making stuff better than China ever would?) and wanted to be the best there is as Japanese held the crown for so long. All they could do was make US keep Japanese product out which is easy. America is poor though cannot see it and couldn’t afford Japanese goods. They are priced for first-world economies. We are rich on East and West coastal areas and third world the rest of the nation for decades. You can keep Japan goods out easy. They are priced out of range. China can be number one here and it’s one entity dominate and kill all is no place better seen than in its backing of Apple Corporation the only left wing company this country ever had. They still cannot catch LG and it keeps going and going and going….


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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