Google Can Beat The Big Carriers?

My next test phone. I never did use LG Stylo 2 personally to speak as a user also mostly because the device now sells for $60 on eBay hence not worth full price purchase to dump later and move on. I could get a used one and go that way but is fair to say that window of opportunity to explore LG Stylo 2 has passed if for no other reason but that there probably is another LG Stylo straight ahead so save those improvement comments for that model. In the meantime LG X Power has arrived.

What do we know of LG X Power to matter? It is big. It has an unusually large battery (which can help massive sales if only catches on fire or explodes. Lol. People think bad news is bad business! Ever noticed when new movies come out and need publicity or sales of say records and album are low the artists suddenly trash their hotel rooms, have stand off with police, dragged to court, beat up girlfriends and the list goes on? Bad news is not bad marketing? This is not the logic of common man so we leave it off here before upsets someone they have had it wrong all this time… Someday take a course or read a book or do what I tell all stupid people I have conversations with and “look it up in wikipedia” and you be amazed how THEY do you with reverse thinking. Oooh!

LG X Power is not lucky enough to get bad news that make it blockbuster but is here. And back to its specs. What else do I remember of its specs? Or care to look up? Pretty much nothing. All I cared to hear was battery was huge (was it over 4000?) and got into my head how, where, why, when etc would it fit? I think I move from Moto X which I have really liked to LG X which so far is promising. Those specs! Wow. Too bad I don’t know what they are. There goes to tell you how people buy things. They don’t know jack and not only claim they are so right and know so much but they buy IT too. That is sales for you. Honestly, of many features of a device is said only 10% get used by an average person which is my defense why opt for LG X Power after only knowing it is big and battery said to last two days. I also ASSUME it runs latest Android and made of plastic to be cheap hence unbreakable and I could have paid attention to those specs instead of assuming but then again I KNOW what I am doing as ALL buyers do and don’t tell me…. I am buying it. This is a good decision. I don’t expect to hold on to it for more than 60 days as I usually do to test units. Moto X was an exception and I be bored of $240 LG X Power in no time and be complaining it is worth $57 now brand new. 

One may say these large devices should have a default mode in OS to kill talk and text and function as tablets. Then the carriers would have no excuse and instead of offering data plans loaded with talk and text we pay for and never use, they would have to allow these devices on tablet data only plans because Android OS could switch that way. Then the $240 LG X Power or LG Stylo 2 would have a second life when no longer attractive as Smartphones and this second life would last so much longer as tablets. Gotta fix those ESN to go as tablet separately and the vicious carriers would be up against Google and it’s might saying “yes, this device may be activated as a Tablet only and carrier lies you must have a full talk, text and internet plan to use the device.” Keep dreaming?


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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