Galaxy Note 5 Is Too Fast? 

And today started uneventful. After boarding the training suddenly a system update appeared and in a flash began downloading and before I can absorb the impact it was over. One disadvantage of having a super phone such as Galaxy Note 5 is what happened then. Things happen so fast on such a device you cannot take action until too late.

Another option example be the Heads-up app I use to turn my notifications into larger size, longer lasting and more manageable reading.

I have set my notifications to appear at bottom of screen which os nice (and standard Android notifications appear at top also. Turning off notifications killed both top and bottom so I tolerate the tiny top items) and the device is so fast that when I am typing a notification can appear over my keyboard so fast and I can click it trying to type the keyboard and end up in email app or who knows where. Believe it or not this is not frustrating because I can get back where I been super fast. Remember the device is way too fast and works for and against you. I still appreciate the Heads-up notifications and put up with the nuisance. I wish I could scroll them down there and read through. It still has limitations and they appear on top of each other and cancel one and all go away. 

Back to today’s problem the update downloaded itself and I still cannot find where I choose to hold downloads of updates. The pain in the butt part was the update downloaded so fast I assumed would install as very small update super fast. I was wrong. There was no size for the download and I opted to install then. It was 20 minutes later before was done. Android 6.0.1 is what I got? I don’t know if I care or not but I do know really fast devices need apps that are optimized for the speed of the device. I don’t think will ever happen. There are so many apps out there and some are super high quality but the bulk are just there. One cannot expect too much of them.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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