Naked Man On the Train!

I guess is ok in I think Korea to be half naked on a commute train. We don’t want to know. And this other dude was way too big and had to stand sideways so can grab BOTH handlebars on each side and survive the fine Bay Area trains. That seemed reasonable until later when looking at him from behind it occurred to me his fart would be of unbelievable size and we know where it would land. That was disturbing until it never happened and after the naked dude rushed to join some poor bastard locked between him and he window I somehow realized I LIKE the big dude that COULD have farted all over half of the train. He WAS a COOL dude. Since nobody would know what this type of writing is about immediately I will say it. The topic is popular culture and anything goes. Naked folks. Farting folks. 

Today was not that productive. I did overeat. A restaurant that serves portions suited for 3 people as one item or an all you can eat buffet is mandatory based on medical theories our fine government doctors use twice a month. Something about extra nutrients and so on. Last time i went nobody said the doc said blah blah and later I was criticized so viciously how I had eaten “rice” instead of… The doctors shared the blame they had to be specific. That was the highlight of my day. And I cut my hair. One has to for job interviews. A heart story of what dentist did wrong and how much cost resulted in a $14 tip with a qualification that “I cut my hair twice a year.” So I guess not much. That was the bulk of this very warm day. 

I have also been advised to take martial arts as a way to get in shape. That is new and will need sometime to sink in.

I added Gizmudo to my blog reading list and have to take it off. Too many posts and not my main interest. The other each blogs are slow. That is iPhone for you. What is there to write about. The other devices start fist fights in the blogs. And marketers are back. How often you run into neat arrangements of people with specific devices in the news? Sony Xperia lady and there is LG G4 or something lady and this been going on for too long. The worst ones are when pissing Apple off and your regular cafe is populated by unlimited number of Mac laptops and Apple users and it doesn’t sell. May be in the commercials but not in front of jerks who will still write bad things about you. iPhone 7 dropped the ball for now. Absent of marketing rhetoric in praise of the device there is little to say about the new Apple scam that would naturally come to mind except “this is same as iPhone 6s mannnnn….” And that be it for our walk through popular culture on the commute train. Now I have to walk in the sun….


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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