Jet Black Definitely Looks Cool…

Shortage or not and 60-70% manufacturing rejects (macrumors says so for Jet Black) or not there is a huge difference between a black iPhone and a Jet Black iPhone. The latter definitely looks classy. When the first gold iPhone was announced and I believe was iPhone 5, so many opted to wait and get the gold when other colors were obtainable. As soon as gold was released nobody wanted it. The mystery was great. Whatever gold meant to people had great force but the real thing was not worth it. Today is just a color for iPhone and after silver (formerly known as white the limited edition of iPhone once upon a time) gold is second least sought-after iPhone at lease when sold retail. Jet Black will not have that problem. The toilet shine, china-reflection, almost neon (there we go again if rainbow iPhone series were a disaster and calling a Pink phone Rose Gold fooled nobody here is again the opportunity to find what some hope sells more of what doesn’t sell more in any color, size, shape etc by thinking reflective like neon… Black neon?) looks very classy and definitely worth not having a standard case to hide it. It will do well only because is classy not the other stuff.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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