Good Bye To A Well-made Device…

The deals are out. One of the better deals to find nowadays is BOGO. Everyone has it and buy one get one has fine print to see but still can be a very good deal. That also means the device is leaving us and inventory surplus or the need to liquidate inventory is pressing. iPhone? Galaxy S7? LG G5? And obviously cheap phones all benefit from BOGO.

And finally it is the turn for LG Stylo 2 to be BOGO at least on Sprint. LG Stylo was an interesting device when it first was released. Large screen. OK processor and RAM memory. A stylus pen. Decent price. I had one and still do as inactive device. I always liked the device except for its ROM. A typical Android OS takes up 4.7 GB with all the extra junk loaded with a brand new device and how much is left when you start with 8 GB? That is why LG Stylo and I never made it far. LG Stylo 2 however beat that and in addition to fun new features started with 16 GB at same $240 price. That was great. I never got one but the device became functional by arrival of Stylo 2.

BOGO will probably remain as there is a need to move inventory and sign up customers. Any excuse to gain business is good and BOGO does it. What is even better is two free phones or more and that is where LG Stylo 2 deals are today. They are great. The device is for people who want big phones and who doesn’t and frankly worth it also. Buy two and get free or three or four. You cannot beat the deals. A great device and what if you break it or lose it? You can replace it inexpensively. Compare that to a multiple line iPhone deal. The troubles you can have. 

Cheap but really good quality phones pay off long after purchased and LG Stylo 2 sure does qualify. Too bad it be going away but who knows may be there be a LG Stylo 3 on the way. At these prices and quality one cannot go wrong.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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