Sprint Won’t Offer Lease for Android Devices…

At least it is all over the Internet that won’t. 

News about carriers is not reliable. It is not that the news is not credible but that changes so much and is so active. It is sort of like the stock market. Some stocks are so active that their situation now has no significance at all because changes so much and so often. News put out by wireless carriers is such also. They change so often and so fast you cannot believe it’s content. 

I think technically every carrier has put contracts to rest and officially no carrier has contracts as industry standard today. Just today this Verizon iPhone 7 Jet Black user told me of his grandfathered unlimited plan and contract that got him 7! Oooooh. And Sprint has killed contracts in the news like 10 times and brought them back and still online appears as an option to many. There is no contract offered by carriers however. Do not forget that. 

And now the new news is no lease for Android devices? There is fine print after also in the articles but nobody remembers any part of these articles except the headlines and first paragraph. The big question is why take it away? 

Lease is the most awesome deal ever since yours truly in other blogs championed something today taken for granted as No Contract service. They had it but devices sucked bad and not cool as service socially. A few kicks in the butt and consistent insults from enlightened folk like I here and No Contract became cool without any counterarguments. Go read them old posts. 

There was a time when this awesome deal of No Contract was shunned because of its name “prepaid.” And people avoided it just for the “stigma” (exact wording I had to use enough times to make a case for a new name) and No Contract has such devoted following even today. Millions were saved by No Contract versus what carriers did to them with a Contract. I think term “rape” was used as business jargon then by both sellers and buyers in describing common sales transactions such as wireless Contracts. Once stigma of name was gone, many opted not to be rape victims in a Contract transaction and went No Contract. They loved it to death then and today  too. They just needed better devices the carriers refused to provide for No Contract on purpose and again is good to have effective writers such as yours truly to step in and solve the situation by “giving it to the carriers.” I used to tell ATT reps to tell their bosses to hear me as “remember who ruined your TMobile merger and you lost it.” 

And history repeats itself. Why take the lease away? Lease has unlimited options to avoid business transactions of ill-repute as mentioned above and no longer available. I haven’t given it much thought yet why it is happening but every other carrier has leasing and what be the alternatives? 

We are going back closer to the sexual violence era of wireless purchases. Contracts don’t exist except when they let you have it which is mind buggling. They exist or not? On the other hand,  It is possible to pay full price for a $800 device which be $400 next year when it’s new model comes out also at $800 or pay it in installments which is $800 divided by 24 and again after 10 months that device is worth less than half what them 24 payments collect so why use these alternatives if you can LEASE it? Lease let you get in there and when is time to get out be it three months or a year or whenever you can dig yourself out and move on. The alternatives historically or today are not free of pain. Why take it away? 

The wireless news is bullshit as we know so tomorrow they may say only lease is available for Android  versus today no lease for Android. We wait and see how far they advance. 

Carriers remain the enemy of the population and any chance they get it be violence at the cost of consumer. No wonder they love to take everyone back to stone age and live in the wild and do their business transactions there. It is a giant step backwards for mankind and I would say womankind but if Hillary wins it is back to he and male use of language.  

Long live leasing of wireless devices as Progress versus what happens in the wild.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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