In Praise of Google Messenger….

(Auto correct sucks. Makes me rewrites stuff later.)

Google Messenger is a useful app. I use several phones and one gets used to format of messaging app and the next phone has a different one and so on. Google Messenger is good to solve this problem and also all messages i send or receive appear on the app simultaneously on all my phones. You notice this when someone who works with you is upset and message shows the suffering and frustration which can be amusing and if well deserved pleasing too only to see same message in your other phone and realize the same experience is repeated by the sufferer and feels real good. Authentic repetition is not same as messy visualized repetition. I think Google Messenger serves a great business purpose by maintaining same messages on several devices. One can see the emotional points when someone we don’t like was in pain and sent the said message. I recommend Google Messenger as a legitimate business tool to be installed on all business devices etc. One can experience work so much better having this app especially if installed on more than one device. Now at the time you run into THAT message you say to yourself “oh, this is when so and so was really miserable and sent me this message” and reading it again on another device makes that misery repeat it’s perceived effect on the sender to you and you just feel the sender going through it. Good app.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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