The Return of Dr. Evil…

The technology revenge blog continues. It only took one day after the last blog of similar content was password locked as this no longer is needed and same stuff returned right away and cynics named it Dr. Evil Returns. Well, he is back and he ain’t Dr. Evil. He is the best friend you never had. Who else would know and dare tell you for instance today is second day of National Security sweep operations nationwide. The ops expected to reach climax by middle of next week and everyone will get a piece publicly. They call the man Dr. Evil because would tell you or as NY Times once said “we know same information but is classified and cannot share” and not fair that Dr. Evil does it and great NY Times have to be careful. Then again classified is basically defined as what is bad for our interests in government. Dr. Evil is here. He is supposed to be reporting technology but as his advisor told him or whispered him “anything popular culture” is good. That is to regain old reputation via Hollywood. They sell pop culture in as many forms and good or bad talk is same to them so mud slinging can happen in a tech blog. Politics is about interests and pure fraud so fits pop culture under fiction. The current ops were to end by weekend next. However is said a second round begins then. Dr. Evil has no complaints. As Russians put it Evil was unhappy because pure military ops don’t gain in political warfare theater when secret so adjustments have been made and political scores will be gained too. Evil likes political scores. Enjoy the nice weather!!!!!


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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