The Last American Taboo

I never thought I see this. An article about noise on trains. The most unAmerican topic there is. Noise. Industry creates many things and most immediate pollution we are taught to ignore is noise. I wear plugs. I even have a $200 Audio Technica Noise Cancelling Headphone (paid $50 at Best Buy’s using reward points and proc matching good old Walmart etc.) The majority of population wouldn’t dare. Acknowledging noise is equal to saying close all businesses and no jobs. They are so afraid to acknowledge we are drowning in noise. Tourists don’t know this. You see them covering their ears at turns etc. Noise is a problem. It is a secret. Point it out and you could be ruining many lives. Ignore it and America gets to brag is the greatest country. No wonder is ignored. They put you jail for bashing American things too. Oh yeah. What noise!!! 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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