International Space Station at Night! Nice

It is a great view. Mostly because was such a slow day and you find out people work with are garbage and do terrible things to other people who cannot fight back especially of they are women then is always okay and what is the loss? What goes around comes around and this country has shit for corporations. I was reading about the stock review done by an analyst and half of the article was about the credibility and reputation of analyst himself mostly because he said the stock was good for nothing in spite of huge improvements in the company and they needed his credibility file to support his stand etc. You have to work for corporate America to know what they deserve. Avoid the stock is the least that can be done and funny thing is since this blog started we keep getting messages who is worried what damage eventually befalls their company because of likes of us. They do to themselves. Fire those pieces of shit that deserves it not people who cannot fight back. Imagine if a lowly woman could fight back what they would do. Here, yours truly is mildly upset and all of this is distant news but I would kick you in the nuts so hard you would know your deeds. No wonder analysts love to close old companies. The culture demands it as much as economy does. On the other hand, there is the view from ISS passing over Central America. Life can be real good too.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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