This Is All 90% of People Need?

A little-known brand name in this market. Devices of above-average quality with reasonable prices? And much more. The bottom line is 90% of population need no more than a device such as Blu Life One X2. I didn’t bother to read the post and why should I? 4 GB RAM. People complain why Chinese market gets Galaxy Note 7 with 6 GB RAM and we don’t? America needs mediocre. Watch Tucker again. You may not go above standards. Conformity demands average standards. I forget the name of the movie but Johnny Depp was a CIA agent in Mexico and claimed he went from restaurant to restaurant tasting a specific dish. They were all mediocre. If found one that was exceptionally good he would go to the kitchen and shoot the chef or as he put it “maintained the balance.” Averages or what we can call mediocre in America is preserved in Mexican culture. You go read on it. That is not topic here but America borrows too. Shoot the chef to stop him or her? Blow up the above average smartphone to stop standards from rising? These questions can go endlessly and when American standards get preserved in the future by “maintaining the balance” the same questions can rise again. A no-name phone with features above average slipping in through the system unnoticed is all most Americans need. Devices such as iPhone built aroud averages will be hallmark of American culture and we be told again this is “the best” and if there is better it will get shot or blows up somehow hence we be back to the “safe” products we are sold. No wonder they launch it on or around September 11th! Nothing is on minds more than “security” and worrying about inadequacies about that time AND viola new “security blanket” of the year gets unveiled. You can get the same and more for less if you live in other countries or avoid brands that get noticed? Until they “notice” you are doing it and balance be in jeopardy again….


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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