I’ll Be Back…

It is back already. As soon as the first decent shipment of Galaxy Note 7 arrives per say to replace defective unit (says so American media exactly when iPhone 7 arrives) which owners vehemently refuse to part with the word is sales as usual begin! What happened to October 21? iPhone is one expensive item to sell and carriers have made money (ATT and Verizon) or lost (Sprint, etc) by how they position iPhone. I remember when Verizon finally picked up iPhone they had a huge banner in their stores and NO demos for a long time. They wanted their Droids which bring profits or Samsung or LG to sell versus the hyped device that ruins companies as insiders whisper. This trend to promote the competition (ATT carried every Windows phone they could etc) continues and as soon as the “bad” primary competitor to iPhone 7 lands it is “f” those people with questionable batteries whom return anyway and let’s sell this bundle and make money versus hold our breath over how much to pay Apple for loads of iPhone 7 and what to get back in return. Yep. They are back at it again. Business must go on. Anybody for Note 7? Everyone. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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