Weekly Bundle of Joy

Promo stuff mixed with all kinds of stuff come and go. The flow is never-ending even when slows down. Every now and then someone asks to understand what promo deal is about. The philosophy of it and why and how does it make sense. The answer has changed overtime mostly to fit how long it takes to deliver it which is a waste of time. Today the answer be simple though many couldn’t grasp it. Almost everyone you meet at work is in part a product of our lousy educational system. That is not the point. The point is we learn what and why we do it through these years of activities known as education and extracurricular activities. The point is the system revolves around C student and graduate as in mediocre is what we are and is enough. This bundle marks how those working not at C grade level work. They need a lot of these come and go because life and work are complex. It cannot be used explained at C grade level easily or at all. 

They should have done yheir homeworks better and not been drunk during college always. It also shows USPS still got it. One of these a week is 52 a year and I get a lot more sometimes. They never fail to deliver both promos and the USPS. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

Reward Points are currency of the future to supplement retail. They deserve the time it takes to obtain them.

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