Revenge Blog?

Little Man Technology is the third blog in Little Man series of blogs. The official name is The Return of Dr. Evil and it’s sub-name is “A Technology Blog.” All of this has clear meaning to insiders of the industry for whom these blogs are authored while the average person will question what the heck is going on and what does all this mean? Well, it is a long story. The Dr. Evil and his return was suggested by some concerned folks whom were amused by the explanation for creation of this blog. The great author herein refered as Dr. Evil so the losers who came up with this title are happy and also gwt to experience that this kind of insults does some of us no harm has stated when asked what this technology blog is about that “it is a Revenge Blog.” It was later explained how a technology blog is a good place to take revenge against the persons and products one dislikes hence the title Revenge Blog is most apt and others choose to call the author Dr. Evil for his unkind perspective on technology. This blog serves to keep the author happy and pleased with self at the expense of persons and products that are not liked by him. The identity of the author is not available mostly because working for a technology company one is expected to note affiliations for the obvious bias when discussing the competition. The answer to any objections to this anonymity be “shuuuut uuuup.” Revenge Blog can include bias and no need to include the idea of impartiality. We are here to “give it to them” as tech people would say. Apple gives it to America how many times a day and you think they are your friends? It is a tech thing. You still dont get it. Let’s put it this way our good pals at a tech company named after a fruit today launched their War Room to deal with the rising problem of Evil and so on. This comes before any attacks on them. They are worried that witty comments in support of Galaxy Note 7 will be costly sooner or later and are ready for damage control for their products. Oh well, that is enough for one post.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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