How To Be A World Ruler…

Photo cropped from Internet and not mine.

My favorite person in the whole world. Have no fear. Make the whole country have same haircut. There is politics for you. Why fake it. 28 websites? It probably feels just fine and normal in N Korea but from another place far away is so wrong and why do they put up with it! Again same here. United States population 500 million has 2 political parties. Yep. That feels so normal but from a distance other places would frown how do Americans put up with this b.s. How? They get used to it and eventually have no clue that a country cannot have two political parties AND represent the views and positions of its population. Same way nobody is alarmed about state of Internet in N Korea if you live there. American politicians cab learn from this man. Hillary has. She will contact the Aliens as soon as elected and settle this once and for all. That be equivalent of one haircut for whole country as N Korea does. Anybody else opting for political rule need to do likewise. One haircut makes for one Ruler. Alien meetings makes another? Anybody else wants to be rule the world. I read online Trump is a “celebrity businessman” and makes you think who is that in that photo up there. That is your Korean version of a “celebrity businessman.” He will nuke you if gets a chance and we have our own celebrity businessman here who will nuke them if gets his chance. Meeting with Aliens sounds like a good plan compared to alternatives.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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